Wot, No School? How Schools Impede Education

'Wot No School' is a radical and thought-provoking look at how we educate young people. Is it all about school? We realise that there is a place for school in education, but school and education are not the same, even though the chattering classes, politicians and media pundits would have us think they are.

Education at school cannot provide real choice for every individual student. Indeed, the Natiuonal Curriculum impedes both teachers and students in achieving the tools and skills that are needed to cope with the Modern World. Wot No School is written by Jonathan Langdale and John Harrison and is available from amazon.com price £6.99. This is the second edition, published by Best Publishing.

Wot No School is intended for anyone interested in education in the UK today, particularly:

This book is about personal fulfillment, civilised behaviour and the productive capacity of our future generations.

We have allowed ourselves, over the years, to believe that the problem of education can only be addressed through the institution of school. School has now become more important than the young people and the teachers within it and, as an institution, it has become less a means of advancing education than a political instrument of government control.


“Very powerful and good to read.”  Prof. Alison Wolf

“Age 14 [for leaving school] is a bit late!.”  Prof. James Tooley

“Fascinating and delightfully well-written.”  Prof. Charles Handy