What can you do?

We have asked a number of questions and outlined our ideas on how those questions might be answered.

Traditional education teaches the values of Critical Thinking. This is a useful skill, but one that tends to value itself rather more highly than Original or Creative Thinking. After all, it is much more fun to find the flaws in other people's ideas than to put up your own only to see them demolished. Ideas are dismissively described as 'half-baked' to great negative effect. We like to describe ourselves as playing 'Devil's Advocate' and we take delighted aim with wet sponges at other people's 'Aunt Sallys'. The book had 'Aunts, Devils and Bakers' as its working title for some time during its gestation.

The ideas sketched above are more fully fleshed out in the book and your critical barbs will better informed if you take the trouble to read it first. However, the ideas are, even then, only 'half-baked'. That doesn't make them bad ideas, simply ideas that need fully baking. We ask you, the intelligent, concerned consumers and clients of our current flawed system, the experts, the thinkers, the movers and the shakers to help us bake the ideas.

Go to the Debate Blog and tell us what you think. You will be dealing directly with John Harrison* who alone will moderate the forum. So please don't expect an immediate posting all the time until you are 'known' as a serious respondent. John will endeavour to get things posted within 24 hours.

The aim is to move from a book to a debate to a conference to another book to a campaign to change our education system, not necessarily once, but certainly for all.

*Sadly, Jonathan Langdale died on Christmas Eve 2006. John is much in need of imaginative, incisive, informed and passionate contributors who, between them, will help to fill the enormous 'place' he has left.